Business Office

Healthcare Preparedness Program Business Office

The North Carolina Healthcare Preparedness Program is a grant funded program that operates with funding from the ASPR (Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response) HPP grant.  Management of the grant, along with managing the day to day administrative tasks of the Healthcare Preparedness Program falls to the HPP Business Office.  The main objectives and work activities of the business unit include:

  • Oversight of budget for HPP, EMS-C, and COVID funding
  • Create and review HPP monthly encumbrance, expenditure, and budget reports  
  • Provide suspension of funds reports to HPP Business Office and contractors
  • Provide oversight to DHHS controllers office regarding processing federal financial reporting
  • Track and maintain equipment purchases with HPP assets
  • Process the maintenance of effort and in-kind reports for Federal and State reporting  
  • Review Federal Notice of Award and funding opportunity and create salary and travel budgets to assist with entering data in Federal Performs System
  • Keep documentation on warehouse lease tracking and expiration of contracts
  • Meet monthly with federal representative to discuss progress of grant
  • Complete and  conduct financial risk assessments for contract compliance with HPP contractors