Information Systems


The Healthcare Preparedness Program uses, maintains, and secures multiple information systems to most effectively meet the goals and mission of the program.  The most commonly used programs include:

  • NC TERMS (Training, Exercise, and Response Management System) This platform is used to advertise classes, manage registration and maintain training records. TERMS is also a team management tool that allows for deployment team management through team selection, notifications, and response capabilities. 
  • ReadyOp is a web based application that integrates multiple databases and a communications platform to support planning, response, command and communications for single agencies and unified commands. 
  • WebEOC is a broad reaching information sharing platform used primarily by public agencies for information sharing in real time.  
  • Multi-Hazard Threat Database The MHTD is a collection of secure and public facing web based applications that enhance strategic planning, emergency response, incident command structure and resource management during all-hazard incidents. 
  •  iCAM (Inventory Control and Asset Management) is a web based scalable application that enables you to track your inventory according to your needs.