Operations Section

The Operations Section consist of three units: Information Systems, Preparedness, and Response.  Operations is responsible for oversight of the State Medical Response System and its various components.  This includes the NC Mobile Disaster Hospital, Healthcare Supply Warehouse, State Medical Assistance Teams (SMAT), Ambulance Strike Teams, and Ambulance Buses.  Additionally, this section works closely with the Regional Healthcare Coalitions and the State Emergency Response Team to provide planning, training, exercise, and response for the provision of health and medical care during a disaster or emergency event.

State Medical Response System

The mission of the state medical response system (SMRS) is to assist when healthcare infrastructure is overwhelmed by an event(s) and local and/or mutual aid resources are exhausted or inadequate. The purpose of the SMRS is to:

  • Provide support to an overwhelmed system by supplying the necessary equipment, assets, and/or personnel needed to provide medical care.
  • To ensure healthcare infrastructure continuity by facilitating the development of resilient systems through operational planning, training, and exercises.
The SMRS has several primary missions, categorized as primary and secondary.  The Primary missions of the SMRS are:
  • State Medical Support Shelters
  • Field Medical Care
  • Logistical support
  • Alternate Care Sites
The SMRS is comprised of several assets including SMAT teams, Ambulance Strike Teams, mass evacuation ambulance buses, the NC mobile disaster hospital, the Medical Reserve Corp, and Atrium Healthcare’s MED 1.