Communications Unit

Responsible for establishing and maintaining a statewide emergency medical services communication system. This includes the designation of EMS radio frequencies and coordination of EMS radio communication systems within FCC rules and regulations. 

Viper Medical Network

Communications manages a sub-network of the NC Viper radio system known as the Viper Medical Network.  This network is a statewide medical communications system that facilitates EMS to hospital communications.

Disaster Medical Communications

Under the Healthcare Preparedness Program (HPP), the communications section oversees disaster medical communications planning and operations.  This includes recommending and reviewing communications equipment purchases, methods and platforms, and maintaining cache communications assets.  The communications section reviews and participates in the ESF-8 (Emergency Support Function 8- Public Health and Medical Services) emergency planning functions, is a member of the HPP Interoperability Communications Action Team (ICAT).  During disasters or statewide events, the communications section establishes the ICS medical communications plan for the Statewide Medical Response System (SMRS), deploys cache communications assets as necessary and becomes embedded in and serves as the liaison point with ESF-2 (Emergency Support Function 2- Communications).